How to Plan a Beach Vacation to the Caribbean

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The islands of the Caribbean are a popular vacation destination. They feature well-explored beaches that are accessible from resorts as well as untamed shorelines for adventurous travellers. Because there are approximately 7,000 islands in the Caribbean Sea, you need to plan your beach vacation to the Caribbean carefully to maximize sun, fun and relaxation.

Combine sea and air transport if you want to go from beach to beach during your stay in the Caribbean. Getting a charter flight along with a boat trip between the islands allows you to witness the islands from a wide range of perspectives.

Beach Location

Establish a headquarters for a trip to Jamaica by setting up a base in a venerable resort. There are plenty of resorts like the Royal Plantation, with premium rooms with fabulous views looking out over the Caribbean Sea.

Research the currencies of different Caribbean nations as you plan your beach vacation. It is wise to exchange your cash for appropriate currencies at the airport or at ship docking ports, as small islands and resorts may not have banks or ATMs that are readily accessible.

Dust off your bartering skills as you plan a beach vacation in the Caribbean. Your experience in finding a cab, purchasing a souvenir and paying for a meal will be made easier when you get comfortable with impromptu negotiation.

Journey out into the Caribbean on a small sailboat,or even a private luxurious yachtby gaining access to a marina. Private marinas like the Cap Cana Harbour in the Dominican Republic offer a combination of luxury and security as your family enjoys a beach vacation.

Add an element of social consciousness to your beach vacation when you plan a trip to the Northeast Ecological Corridor. This vast beachfront in eastern Puerto Rico offers a lesson in responsible land use for travellers around the world.

Organize your trip to coincide with Caribbean festivals like the Cayman Islands Jazz Festival. This festival takes place each December and features jazz artists from the Americas.

Schedule your beach vacation to the Caribbean during the off-season for travellers. There is a heavy tourist trade during the winter, spring and summer months that can make accommodations are difficult to find. However, you need to make sure that your favourite Caribbean attractions are open during the off-season before you plan your trip.