Scrapbooking ideas and solutions -Some stamping techniques

Today I’m going to give a few ideas and options to you for stamping, embossing blending your technique, and how to create your own postage. Stamping technique utilizes a rubber stamp, and I use stamping by repeating a motif all over my desktop 25, to design my own wallpapers. There are on the market today with images or words to cover all types of themes. It could become quite costly to buy a stamp for each particular project, but it’s an excellent idea to maintain some basic motifs available, such as stars, hearts or flowers you will be sure to use often in your scrapbooking. For basic stamping Press you be sure that the postage is soaked with ink and postage onto your ink pad. Lay your desktop.

Press on down the stamp and then lift it off. Repeat this procedure pressing on the stamp every time it is used by you. If you are making a stamped foundation, the design always looks more persuasive if the motif is allowed to run off the edge of the page. You might also try using rainbow inks to acquire a multi effect. If you want to combine with embossing you will need some powder stamping. So the ink does not dry, stamp and emboss a motifs and it is clung to by the powder. You might also use a pad that will stay longer that is sticky using an embossing powder. Lay your background on some scrap paper surface. Use a pigment ink pad and lakstempel stamp your subjects. Working quickly before the ink dries, sprinkle the powder over the motifs that are stamped.

Decide on up the background paper and tip off the powder to reuse. Once dry, use an artist’s brush to brush off any flecks of powder. Use hair dryer or a heat gun and heat the powder until it melts and fuses. If you want to punch out a theme, wrap a sheet of wax paper around a self adhesive rubber sheet. The wax paper will permit the rubber to slide into the punch. Punch or cut out the shape of your choice. Peel the backing and adhere on it. You could use a bottle cap or a cork. Press on the stamp and stamp on your own desktop. For another scrapbooking tip that is fantastic, you can combine two of your punches overlapped to create stamp and your own original.