The developments of bitcoin and mixing with

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Bitcoin changes continuously, along with the development of block chains. However, some of the changes can be more dramatic. For example, one of such changes divided the system in two. However, this didn’t influence the high anonymity, which can be improved with

The prehistory of division

Bitcoin has been developing since the beginning of 2009. As a result, the volume of its blockchain became simply “unbearable” (it exceeded the value of 165 gigabytes). And it began to reflect on the peculiarities of carrying out transactions with it. The process of making payments in the Bitcoin network implies that transactions are tested before they are implemented:

  • The system collects at least 6 confirmations of the initial state of the block
  • Thus, permanent control is carried out and the inclusion in the history of events not happening is not possible.

Division of the cryptocurrency

Because blockchain implies that an “array” of information about the committed transactions is attached to each header, with all other headings, the total volume of such a database is impressive. Moreover, it is growing all the time. There was a division of Bitcoin, in fact, two independent virtual currencies. As a result, tickers were formed:

  • BTC – a traditional (old) Bitcoin
  • BCH – Bitcoin Cash.

In the framework of a single currency, it was not possible to overcome the problem of overflowing the database of blockage. Among the network participants, there was no consensus on how best to do it. However, the anonymity is still on the high level and can be improved with This service mixes coins during the transaction and makes the tracking impossible.