Lion Dance History and Origins

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The Chaing Dynasty was a time of war and also internal troubles. At the time, the Emperor of China had a brilliant desire after a day in battle. The desire was of an unusual beast having fun. This beast was larger than a dog yet smaller compared to an equine as well as although it looked strong its behavior was unseemly for a tiger. The next day, being extremely interested to know exactly what the monster was, the Emperor misted likely to consult his main advisers. The advisers described to him that this beast he saw was called a lion.

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Later that day, after a victorious fight, he had exact same desire once again. This moment being extremely disrupted by the recurrence of the desire he misted likely to consult his elderly and most skilled advisors as well as professionals. These individuals described to the Emperor that the lion was a gift from the gods. Given that no lions existed within China, the gods’ present to him was to allow the Emperor have every little thing. This was regarded a promise from the gods that favored the Emperor.

Despite the mass celebrations of the victory in battle, the Emperor’s mind was on the dream of the weird beast. The Emperor’s court advisors defined to him how you can construct the attributes of this mystical lion. They clarified the best ways to utilize paper, fabric and bamboo making this beast. The following battle the Emperor had, the lion ended up being the icon of good fortune for the militaries. The battle was won and since then the result of this good omen is just what we currently call the Scholarship from Lion Dance Singapore.

Because of this, today we now show the lion dance whatsoever essential celebrations and occasions as the lion dance brings joy, success as well as good luck to all the people participating in the parties.

Southern lion dance.

There are lots of local differences in exactly how the performance is held and also the customized that are complied with. In the north of China, the lion typically lengthy orange/yellow hair and also performs acrobatics, such as stabilizing on a sphere. The southerly lion comes from Guangdong as well as is the style practiced by our group. It involves the same low positions normal of southerly Chinese kung fu has an eruptive, martial power while still retaining a few of the acrobatic actions.

In Southern lion dance, the lion could tackle several colors; nonetheless the most common are 3 approved lions which represent the 3 main personalities from the legendary Love of the Three Kingdoms. These are:

– Lau Bee: yellow face, white beard, red and yellow tail.

– Gwen Gung: red face, black beard, red and black tail.

– Chang Fey: black face as well as beard, black and white tail.